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The Power of Job Transitioning/ Promotion: Transferable Skills

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

In the article "How the Economic Recession Might Affect The Sub-Saharan Community in America Like Never Before!", it was mentioned that one of the strategies to anticipate or go through a potential economic recession is by planning to move from a non-precarious to a more secured job.

One of the best and easiest ways to move to a better job is by applying the process of transferable skills. This two steps process could allow you to convert your present or past experiences in any field into assets and skills that could be valuable for a future job, career, or promotion.

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Note: These concepts were first published on LinkedIn, under the title "The power of transferable skills".

1-The Power of writing down your daily tasks


The task is at the base of every goal achieved. Therefore, if you can write down the various tasks you do at your current job, you will have a broad picture of what you are aiming for.

First, write down in detail what you do every day from the time you start working until the moment you leave your workplace. Use action verbs that describe the task you do. Also include tasks you did alone and with other colleagues; Make sure you appreciate whether you liked it or not.

You could be doing leadership tasks without knowing, and when applying for the next job that requires the ability to inspire others, you feel incompetent, whereas you have what is needed.


The second thing is that by writing down your daily task, you could also include the various challenges you encounter. You would be able to answer questions such as:

 When did you do the job? 

Where did you do it? 

How were you doing it? 

How many people were involved? 

What challenges did you encounter, and how did you solve them? 

These questions are very regular in any job interview.

Finally, you could go back to your job description and find keywords related to your position. After doing that, write down the corresponding actions you are doing now and not what the job description portrayed. You’ll notice that you are gaining experience far ahead of what is required from you, and those new skills could be useful for your next promotion or job.

 2-The Treasures in your experiences

 While growing in the job business, you were involved in good or bad experiences. The most important is not how exciting or fun those experiences were, but the amount of knowledge, skills, and attitude you acquired.

The experiential learning cycle (ELC) is one of the most powerful tools that could help you organize your experiences to improve your skills, knowledge, and attitudes. It’s an approach based on how you understand your own experiences compared to the results obtained. This approach maximizes the outcome of your transferable skills if you are a goal-centered person.

You must be someone who is used to make a “to-do list” for every single working day. Such a list is your daily blueprint that guides every action you’re committed to. The ELC will help you increase your results as you work on writing down your experiences and what you learn from them.

Again write down the tasks done during each of those life, professional, or business activities. Then convert them into skills you can use now in your current job to improve your results or plan your next career move.

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Herve Ngate

Africans4future Network Editorial

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