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The 15 Minutes Reading Diet With Impact

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

In the survey conducted by the Africans4future Network research program, it was discovered that the challenge of finding and exploiting the right information was one of the hindrance to the success of many Sub-Sahara Immigrants in America.

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Image Credit: Africans4future Network

One of the best ways to acquire quality information that will help you succeed is by developing a strategic action plan to gather the necessary information you need for your success.

The RRA Formula is an extremely effective reading technique that many people use to get the right information for their success.

· Select what to read

You need to be exactly clear about what you want to learn and where you can get the appropriate literature (Amazon, eBay city library). Once you acquire the book or e-book, establish your reading schedule and start reading by applying the RRA Formula to maximize your reading time.

· The RRA Formula


Reading an hour every day is the habit of any person you see succeeding or working towards success.

Whether it’s a church leader, company CEO or a Non for-Profit Leader, they all have the same daily reading habit to acquire the best possible knowledge that will help them reach their goals.

People who use their brain most often while learning become smarter with time and live longer than passive learners who get around valuable information without interest.


Reflecting on the information you go through in a book boost your memory capacities and increase your ability to innovate and create new values in your life, job, work or business.


Action is the gap between an excellent Reader-Thinker and an Achiever who applied what he learned while reading and reflecting.

Many successful people apply the R-R-A process every single day when they read in the morning and later, during the day, when they read a book and also when they go to valuable website like LinkedIn to learn about business and professional trending.

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Herve Ngate

Africans4future Network Editorial

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