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4 Things to Do If You Are Not Working Now Due to Covid-19

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

In our article "How the Economic Recession Might Affect The Sub-Saharan Community in America Like Never Before!", we mentioned saving, job transition, and learning new technologies as tips to successfully navigate during the Covid-19 crisis.

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As all the indicators show that an economic recession that started in February might worsen, it is estimated that almost 41% of those who lost their jobs may not get back to their formal employer. Many employers used the current pandemic to reduce their staff with the discovery of how teleworking could make their business more prosperous.

Today, we are adding four more tips that can help you if you are currently not working due to Covid-19.

  1. Use your savings with frugality. If you saved 20% of your income while working, you should be financially safe for 2-6 months. But only if you cut some extra expenses in your budgets like cooking home instead of ordering food, paying for the internet only instead of both internet and the cable. Get second-hand clothes and furniture.

  2. File for Unemployment Insurance. The CARE Act is the government program that provides Unemployment Insurance for jobless people due to Covid-19. Check the process on to learn more about applying for your unemployment benefits depending on your state.

  3. Check the forbearance opportunities. If you find that despite your savings, you might get short of cash to pay your rent or mortgage, verify with your landlord or your lender how you could receive forbearance on your rent or mortgage.

  4. Upgrade Your Skills with Certifications. The unemployment period may be the time to take those certifications you wanted to get since you started your career. Certifications are good ways to advance your career through a promotion or a better job during or after the Covid-19 crisis.

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Herve Ngate

Africans4future Network Editorial

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