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The corporation will consist of the parent company and the following departments:


Healthcare – Seed4future Medical Center, Inc. (medical services)

Finance – Distinction Kingdom Group (Investment services)-Financial Literacy-Small Business Empowerment

Retail – Seed-Mart 

Real Estate- Seed4future Estate

Seed4future Medical Center, Inc.


The medical service information and education will provide you an updated guidance on how to navigate safely in the healthcare system including job opportunities, insurance services, child care, and medical supports.

Contact us if you need a second source of income working as a Home Health Aide/Direct Support Professional.

Our direct referral program will secure a full-time or part-time position to increase your monthly revenue.

Distinction Kingdom Group

Distinction Kingdom Group currently offers investment opportunities for all who want to thrive financially.


to learn about our Art&Entertainement project. 

Discover our upcoming Entrepreneurial Tontine project HERE.


Discover a new business model that could make you outsource your income opportunities while still living in America.

Visit to view products sold on our website and potential to sell from America.

Get discount on purchases through our amazon. Join HERE.

Financial Education Instruction Program


Take control of your finances and live your dreams with your loved ones in a fun and motivating environment :

8 weeks program, 7 lessons, 8 hours, Corporate classes of 5 students maximum.

Blended strategies from best financial experts including budgeting, Keys to saving effectively and efficiently , the joy of being debt free.

Show interest and learn more here.

Small Business Empowerment

Screen Shot 2021-12-05 at 11.45.26 AM.png

Wether you want to get known or increase your network to boost yours sales, we will help you connect with potential customers and stakeholders.

Contact us and let us know how we could support your business through networking, referrals, partnerships, resources and education.


What? Buying a house in America? It sounds impossible to you?

Well, it is possible that in two to three years you become a happy home owner!

Owning a home is not only proof of responsibility but also an open door for investment. Contact our expert here.

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